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Start by using the following procedure to create a modem entry for the Samsung SCH-8500: If everything is set up and working properly, you should first see "Status: Dialing...", then "Status: Verifying user name and password...", followed by a completed connection. To the right is a record of a relatively good session (at AM).

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The SCH-8500 enters data mode automatically when it detects the dial out command from your computer. You should be able to surf the web with your computer, and the phone should maintain the data connection.

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(Manually setting the phone to "Data/Fax In" mode is only necessary on incoming data or fax calls.) When in data mode, the SCH-8500 has an informative display of what's going on, both when dialing, and when connected: Dark blocks appear to the right of "Rec" and "Trx" when the phone is receiving or transmitting data, respectively, much like a regular external modem. Large pages will of course load more slowly than a regular modem connection.

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Don't forget to disconnect the Connection (in your computer) when you're done or even when not using it for more than a minute or two so as not to waste air time. You can speed page loading by: You should also be able to use all other Internet protocols; e.g., receiving and sending email at your dial-up ISP, accessing Usenet newsgroups, FTP file transfers, ICQ, etc.

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