S14 auto to manual swap cost

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V8 Engine Swap for Dummies Nissan 240SX LS Swap - The News.

By now there are probably almost as many SR-powered 240’s running around North America as there are KA-equipped ones.

Nissan 240sx S14 LS1 Swap Kit - Sikky Manufacturing

So why bother providing a step-by-step guide on such a popular swap?

Nissan 240sx <strong>S14</strong> LS1 <strong>Swap</strong> Kit - Sikky Manufacturing

Nissan 240sx S14 LS1 Swap Kit Stage 3 Kit w/ Wiring SIKKY

Simply put, because there are still a lot of enthusiast performing this swap.

How to install a manual transmission in a 240sx - NICO Club

Despite completing this swap (and taking these photos) in 2011, this guide is very comprehensive but just like with anything mechanical, there will be some slight differences between cars, engines and installations methods.

S14 auto to manual swap cost:

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