Msi k8n neo4 platinum manual

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The K8N Neo4 Platinum/SLI's BIOS implementation is a perfect example of how motherboards with nearly identical BIOS capabilities and features can deliver vastly different experiences.

Destek K8N Neo4 Platinum PCB 1.0 MSI

At first glance, the Neo4's BIOS looks pretty good—but the more time I spent with the board, the more problems, quirks, and omissions I found.

Support For <i>K8N</i> <i>Neo4</i> <i>Platinum</i> PCB 3.0

Soporte para K8N Neo4 Platinum PCB 3.0

Some of them are detailed below, while those that deal specifiy with overclocking are covered later in the review.

K8N Neo4 Platinum PCB 1.0 MSI Polska

We've started with a basic shot to show where the various areas of BIOS control are.

Msi k8n neo4 platinum manual:

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