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Desners: Andy Collins, David Noonan, James Wyatt Editor: Gwendolyn F. This Wizards of the Coast game product contains no Open Game Content. ) 1-800-324-6496 Visit our website at 2 Table of Contents The Nature of the Core Rulebooks' Changes 3 Player's Handbook (Overview) 4 Dungeon Master's Guide (Overview) 7 Monster Manual (Overview) 7 Deities and Demods (Revision Update) 8 Epic Level Handbook (Revision Update) 12 Fiend Folio (Revision Update) 24 Manual of the Planes (Revision Update) 26 Monster Manual II 30 The Nature of the Core Rulebooks' Changes The purpose of this booklet is not to provide a comprehensive list of everything that has changed with the 3.5 revision.

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No portion of this work may be reproduced in any form without written permission. The changes are too large in number and varied in scope to be able to provide an all-inclusive inventory. This booklet is for players and Dungeon Masters who value rules precision and need to know what's changed so that they can continue to enjoy their 3rd Edition products.

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To learn more about the Open Gaming License and the d20 System License, please visit d20. S., CANADA, ASIA, PACIFIC, & LATIN AMERICA Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Instead, what we want to do is to show you a broad picture of what has changed and to pro- vide you with support for updating our most popular product. You mht choose to make notations in your existing books, photocopy and cut up this book- let to add bookmarklike inserts to your books, or simply use this booklet simultaneously with your books.

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Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, Dragon, Dungeon Master and the Wizards of the Coast logo are registered trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. EUROPEAN HEADQUARTERS Wizards of the Coast, Belgium P. We provide a brief, general overview of the core books and detailed revision notes for Deities and Demods, Epic Level Handbook, Fiend Folio, Manual of the Planes, and Monster Manual II.

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