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More bardic schools, more cleric domains, more fighter subclasses and maneuvers, an alternative ranger, more rogue options, more sorcerer bloodlines (and some exclusive spells), and more Warlock pacts. 5th edition hasn't been out anywhere near long enough to exhaust the current PHB material.

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(Wizards should get nothing, they are already overspoiled as it is). I may be ready for a PHB2 in, say, three to five years. I'd much rather see a sort of "compilation of the best of the best [or at least most interesting]" things that have come out for 5e over a few years. No expansion of new archetypes for the existing classes? I am all for seeing new content, but please no "numbered" books ever if it can be helped.

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Monster Manual 2 A 4th Edition D&D Core Rulebook D&D.

I guess another MM because I feel that the PHB covers pretty much every possible thing you could want and the DMG tells you how to make the other niche stuff you might want. Sort of like an "Unearthed Arcana" that we had for 1e AD&D...a few new class arch-types (say, one or two for each core class), maybe a few new feats (no more than a dozen, please), another dozen or two spells total (all classes total..'each class'), some optional modules for things like healing, building/boat construction, skill training, weapons/armor of different materials/sizes, tables for the DM to use for inspiration or "on the fly gaming"..kind of thing. Even if you just called the next monster manual a Fiend Folio or a Creature Codex or whatever, I would vastly prefer that to Monster Manual 2, The same goes to for Player's Manual 2.

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So MM I guess, but this edition I don't actually want any new stuff except campaign settings and modules honestly. If/when a 5e PHB2 comes out, what I definitely do want to see is a basic reprint of the PHB..with new classes, spells, feats, skills, etc. More races, more subraces, and more class archetypes, plus many more spells? What you gain in sales for perception of being an "essentia"l core product, you lose in player goodwill in the long run.

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