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Tu-Wire fluorescent dimming ballasts only non-dim Control units provide preset lhting control with integral dimmers for scene based control Infrared Transmitters* Power Boosters Interfaces convert the dimmed snal to control special load types provide control from anywhere in the room increase zone capacity up to 16A (1920W) Control interfaces connect lhting controls to other devices...

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Open the catalogue to page 2 Green LEDs indicatelht level Zone raise/lower buttons set lht levels Scene buttons Translucent blackor opaque cover Set fade rate from 0 to 59 seconds, 1 to 60 minutes Off Available worldwide Master raise/lower temporarily overrides scene settings Infrared receiver permits control via infrared remote control,pg.31 Green status lhtsindicateΓscene on Opaque white base A - WH 3100 1200W/VA GRX-3102-- 3500 1200W/VA GRX-3502-- Cover Options Dimensions: W:5.56(141mm); H:4.56Ԕ(116mm); D:2.25(57mm),depth includes wallplate and backbox.

SIRKOM - GRX-3104-T-CE - <strong>GRAFIK</strong> <strong>Eye</strong> Lhting Control - 4

SIRKOM - GRX-3104-T-CE - GRAFIK Eye Lhting Control - 4

GRAFIK Systems Installation Instructions Occupant Copy Please Read Features GRX-IO • Integrates a GRAFIK Eye lhting control system with equipment that has contact-closure I/O, including: - Motion and occupant sensors. - Motorized projection screens, skylhts, window shades, and movable walls. Inputs/Outputs: • Provides five inputs and five outputs. - Adjust scenes to reflect status of movable walls. • Using the outputs, scene changes in control units can: - Trger outputs to control other equipment. Four Types of Confuration: 1.4S Scene Selection Control: Provides for remote control of GRAFIK Eye 3000 or 4000 Series control units.

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• May be programmed to control any combination of one to eht GRAFIK Eye 3000 or 4000 Series control units.

Lutron grafik eye installation manual:

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