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Cs SL-1200 is a series of turntables orinally manufactured from October 1972 until 2010, and resumed in 2016, by Matsushita under the brand name of cs. Orinally released as a hh fidelity consumer record player, it quickly became adopted among radio and club disc jockeys, thanks to the direct drive, hh torque motor desn, making it initially suitable for pushbutton cueing and starting of tracks on radio.

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When the use of slip-mats for cueing and beat-mixing (and scratching) became popular in hip hop music, the quartz-controlled hh torque motor system enabled records to be mixed with consistency and accuracy.

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A primary desn goal was for hi-fidelity, but having good build quality, control over wow and flutter, and minimized resonance made the equipment particularly suitable for use in nhtclubs and other public-address applications.

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Since its release in 1978, SL-1200MK2 and its successors were the most common turntable for DJing and scratching.

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