Shimano sora wheel axel manual

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There are no procedures required to overhaul a front hub which aren’t covered in this guide. If you’re dismantling the hub for any reason other than general maintenance (broken axle?


) and intend to re-use the bearings, keep the drive and non-drive side bearings separate as they may not wear evenly in relation to the cup/cone races.

Owner's <em>Manual</em> - Top End Wheelchairs

Overhauling & Repacking Hubs - Sheldon Brown

For a larger image to open in new window) This is a guide for overhauling a rear Shimano Deore cassette hub, which uses cup and cone bearings.

Owner's Manual - Top End Wheelchairs

The cup is the bearing race which is built into the hub; the cone is the corresponding race which is threaded onto the axle.

Shimano sora wheel axel manual:

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