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The screen is black, there are no blue lhts that are on. I tried the taking out the battery and hold power button for 30-60secs trick, but no luck. The blue LED next to your SD-MS/Pro-MMC-XD slot (left side front) should stay lit during BIOS and the screen is blank. Put the 2 Nickels On the Bottom and Stack Quarters On Top...

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I also have taken out my laptop's ram and re-inserted it (same with my hard drive). I tried searching the net for solutions but no one really has the same problem as me. No working laptop just one really expensive door stop. After reviewing the applicable DV6000 threads for this issue across the web I've come up with this remedy which seems to work if you are disinclined to perform the "real" fix of reflowing the solder joints of the NVidia chip on the motherboard. You may also notice the LEDs around the network port (8 pin modular connector) flash at initial power on also. Intermittant Loss Of Wireless/Video Goes In And Out/Touchpad Slows and Freezes.. Place The Stack Of 2 Nickels And 8 Quarters On Top Of The Graphics Chip...

How to replace screen on HP <i>Pavilion</i> <i>dv2000</i> Inside my

How to replace screen on HP Pavilion dv2000 Inside my

Hello, This morning I turned on my laptop and worked perfectly... My HP pavilion Dv6000 froze and I decided to manually turn it on and back on.

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I pushed, and held the power button until it turned off.

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