Telos 1x6 service manual

instruction manual for ribbing attachment model kr-850

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SS-2100-12PLUS Module Mounting Frame, 13 slots, 3 RU, houses redundant supply, includes 2 power supplies 1 Sma El.

Telos One-x-Six User's Manual - The Telos Alliance

SCI-2144 System Control Interface, 1 slot 4 Sma El.

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Direct Interface Module Talk System Manual - The Telos Alliance

HPV-88AC 8x8 Video Switch Module, 160 MHz, 2 slots 1 Sma El. SBC-16 16x1, Single Bus Control Panel, 1 RU 1 ADC PPI2224RS-N8 ADC BK2V2 ADC CP1051N1 ADC CP1051MN1 ADC PPA1PATCH KIT 2X24 LF PJ339L 1RU BAR 6 ADC R2P/C LF-LF NICKEL RED 2' 6 ADC R2P/C LF-LF NICKEL GREEN 2' Converters 1 Sma El.

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VDA-2107 1x6, HH BANDWIDTH ANALOG VIDEO DA, LOOPING INPUT, 180MHz, 1 SLOT VIDEO MONITORS 4 JVC TM-A101G 10" COLOUR MONITOR 2 TVC 19"RACK FOR TM-A101G 2 JVC TM-H150CG 15" COLOR MONITOR 2 TVC 19" RACK FOR TM-H15 1 TVCDital Sync Generator 1 Videotek VSG-201DP Serial Dital Sync Generator ±1 Hz accuracy, infinite genlock, 525/625 operation.

Telos 1x6 service manual:

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