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Two issues with my recently purchased Magnum xls .61 2-stroke engine: 1) the throttle closes to maybe 1/4 open at end of travel, I think it should be fully I fix this?


; and 2) during first start-up at full throttle the engine RPM slowed and then the engine shut off. FYI, the carb is located about 1/2" to 1" above the clunk.

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I can invert the engine (glow plug pointing down) so that the carb is about level with the clunk. Where can I find good, thorough operating instructions for the Magnum engine?

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Re: the carb - either the idle/barrel stop screw (the screw on the top of the carb) is too far in and you need to adjust it or something on the carb barrel is binding as it turns into the carb - a little burr can keep it from going all the way in - if that's the prob, sand off the burr.

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