44860 hunter thermostat manual

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PDF file hunter air conditioner thermostat manual 44860

Press HOLD/RET at any time to exit the Program Mode.

Hunter programmable thermostat 44860 manual

[there are a total of 8 programs] After cycling through all 8 programs, press PROGRAM again to return the display to normal.

PDF file <em>hunter</em> air conditioner <em>thermostat</em> <em>manual</em> <em>44860</em>

Hunter Thermostat 44860 Instruction Manual -

Please help, it's getting warm here in Ohio....I have horrible asthma. From the manual: STEP 1: Slide the system switch to the HEAT or COOL position to program the corresponding system STEP 2: Press PROGRAM to enter program mode. Repeat Steps 3-5 to change the remaining Weekday and Weekend Programs.

Hunter thermostat 44860 instruction manual pdf

The Program hour and AM or PM indicator are flashing. STEP 4: Press PROGRAM to change to the minute position. STEP 6: Press PROGRAM again to move to the next program number.

44860 hunter thermostat manual:

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