Pacific fitness zuma home gym manual

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What does each weight plate weigh in standard gym equipment.

At the gym, some of the equipment doesn't have the weight listed on the individual weight plates, just numbers.

Zuma Strength System Base Owner's Manual - Precor - Yumpu

For example, the "Hoist Fitness Systems CL2403 seated leg press" just has numbers for each weight plate, from 1 - 21.

Dr Gene James- <em>Pacific</em> <em>Fitness</em> <em>Zuma</em> <em>gym</em> demo - YouTube

Dr Gene James- Pacific Fitness Zuma gym demo - YouTube

Here is a diagram of the actual CL2403 weight stack: So: on the weight bars and their specifications, let alone anything definitive.

Pacific Fitness Zuma Exercise Chart – Blog Dandk

For what it's worth, I primarily use free weights rather than isolation machines.

Pacific fitness zuma home gym manual:

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