Standard hx-400 radio owners manual

owner manual 2005 e320

Schematics of radios Schematic of programmer Radio Programming.

As a result of this, you are assured of a full charge each and every time you take your Entel battery from its charger Flash upgradeable to add future features Entel adds and improves features on its HX400 radios by way of software updates.

Standard HX400IS Intrinsacally Win-Tron Electronics

Using Flash Upgrade technology your Entel HX400 radios can be upgraded by your Dealer at any time Robust accessory socket The socket has been specifically designed so that when an accessory is secured to the portable, the connection can withstand any amount of punishment; from dropping to careless misuse.

Schematics of <em>radios</em> Schematic of programmer <em>Radio</em> Programming.

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Channels All non-display HX400 portables provide 16 programmable channels.


Display portables provide 255 programmable channels Keylock To avoid accidental operation, your radio's keys & controls can be locked by the user or, if set, automatically by the radio.

Standard hx-400 radio owners manual:

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