Recoton stereo phono pre-amplifier manual specs

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Recoton SP-2 Stereo Phonograph Preamplifier Reviews

This Pyle Pro preamp is perfect for getting a turntable’s phono-level output in order to line-level output for your receiver or even amplifier.

Recoton SP2 Stereo Pre-Amplifier Phono to Line Box • Planet DJ

The extremely low-noise audio operational amp offers outstanding seem performance.

<i>Recoton</i> SP-2 <i>Stereo</i> Phonograph Preamplifier Reviews

Recoton SP2BK Preamplifiers reviews -

The Sentec PP9-RIAA is a stereo, phono pre-amplifier fitted with either the MM9 moving magnet or MC9 moving coil input boards. Input sensitivity: 2.3m V (MM), 100, 200, 400u V (MC) Input impedance: 10, 30, 50, 75 kohms (MM), 50, 100, 1000 ohms (MC) Input capacitance: 100, 200, 320, 430p F (MM), 1000p F (MC) Total dynamic range: 107 d BA (MM) Nominal output level: 200m V Output impedance: 680 ohms Frequency response: 20 to 80,000Hz Dimensions: 44 x 120 x 230mm Weht: 1kg instruction/owners manual flyer Please or register a free account in the forum to download files If you have additional documentation please consider donating a copy to our free archive.

Recoton Stereo Phono Pre Amplifier SP 2 eBay

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Recoton stereo phono pre-amplifier manual specs:

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