Puritan water softener user manual

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Water Softeners adjustment instructions Guide to Water Softener.

The salt does not fall down in the salt tank in between regenerations and a "bridge" occurs.

Water Softeners, operation, maintenance, adjustment, and water.

It may look like the salt tank is full but there will be a hollow area at the bottom of the salt tank and not enough salt to develop the proper brine for regeneration of softener.

<b>Water</b> <b>Softeners</b> adjustment instructions Guide to <b>Water</b> <b>Softener</b>.

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Poor about a couple of gallons of hot water on top of your salt and see if that will break it up and fall down to the bottom of your salt container.

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If you where not sleeping you can hear the noise as an allen is transported to your pipes. Manually regeneration will It sounds like your salt in your salt compartment is stuck.

Puritan water softener user manual:

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