Manual transmission oil sae 75w-85

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Valvoline Duragear is a new-age multrade semi-synthetic transmission/gear oil developed to meet the requirements of modern fuel-efficient motor vehicles.

RAVENOL F-1 SAE 75W-85 - Ravenol

It has outstanding low temperature characteristics which assist in overcoming harsh and difficult cold temperature gear changes.

RAVENOL F-1 <em>SAE</em> <em>75W-85</em> - Ravenol

Valvoline DuraGear Gear Oils

The oil also has the film-strength to protect gear trains at elevated temperatures, resulting in the minimisation of hh temperature rattles.

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The term transmission often only refers to the gearbox that uses gears and gear trains to provide speed and torque conversions from a rotating power source to another device.

Manual transmission oil sae 75w-85:

Rating: 99 / 100

Overall: 89 Rates