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C6413-90008* - HP® Official Site Laptop Computers.

Gs -s DEVICE=pcl3 [gs_option | -d Black Levels=integer | -d CMYLevels=integer | -s Color Model=model | -s Colour Model=model | -d Compression Method=method | -d Confure Every Page | -d CUPSAccounting | -d CUPSMessages | -d Depletion=depletion | -d Dry Time=seconds | -s Duplex Capability=capability | -s Intensity Rendering=method | -d Leading Edge=edge | -d Manual Feed | -s Media Confuration File=pathname | -d Media Position=position | -s Medium=medium | -d Only CRD | -s Page Count File=pathname | -s PCLInit1=string | -s PCLInit2=string | -s PJLJob=jobname | -s PJLLanguage=language | -s Print Quality=quality | -d Raster Graphics Quality=quality | -d Send Black Last | -d Send NULs=number | -d Shingling=shingling | -s Subdevice=subdevice | -d Tumble | -d Use Card=value ] ...

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[file ...] Supported Printers The ghostscript device driver pcl3 (formerly ed hpdj) is a ghostscript backend for printers understanding Hewlett-Packard's Printer Command Language, level 3 ("PCL 3 ", also ed "PCL 3 Plus").

C6413-90008* - HP® Official Site Laptop Computers.

Hp Deskjet 895cxi Service Manual

The driver is intended to support in particular the following printer models: HP Desk Jet HP Desk Jet Plus HP Desk Jet Portable HP Desk Jet 310 HP Desk Jet 320 HP Desk Jet 340 HP Desk Jet 400 HP Desk Jet 500 HP Desk Jet 500C HP Desk Jet 510 HP Desk Jet 520 HP Desk Jet 540 HP Desk Jet 550C HP Desk Jet 560C HP Desk Jet 600 HP Desk Jet 660C HP Desk Jet 670C HP Desk Jet 680C HP Desk Jet 690C HP Desk Jet 850C HP Desk Jet 855C HP Desk Jet 870C HP Desk Jet 890C HP Desk Jet 1120CThe PCL dialect ed "PCL Level 3 enhanced" is apparently a not entirely compatible modification of PCL 3 .


This driver should basiy work with such printers but you must be more careful which options you select and you mht not be able to exploit all your printer's capabilities.

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