Glowworm spacesaver 50 bf manual

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BF - Glow-worm

If not sure, a good way is to contact your parts supplier, he will have exploded drawings of same and you should be able to determine problem from those. Wing nuts usually at the back as stated on what was [is] the rugged 4 x 4 of old boilers which ordinarily will last forever, and no doubt many will be asked to. If, as is usually the case, it has not been touched for years, any attempt to remove the casing may result in you being left holding a casing with a nasty hole in or corner piece missing, rendering it unsafe and useless.

SPACESAVER range - Gas Appliance Spares

C No 41-315-64, mi instructions (paper only) no mention of baffles.

GF87 Parts for <strong>Glowworm</strong> CHATSWORTH <strong>MANUALPF</strong> Glow Worm Boiler.


Over the years, they have celebrated many milestones, we led the way by developing one of the first condensing boilers in the 90’s; a technology which is now fitted as standard in millions of people’s homes across the UK.

Glowworm Lhting Boiler spacesaver mk2 i have an old glowworm.

They also received the “Best Buy” award by the hy prestious Which? Today, Glow-worm’s heating solutions covers domestic gas boilers, renewable technologies, hot water cylinders and domestic controls.

Glowworm spacesaver 50 bf manual:

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