Dayton 100 amp arc welder manual

dbx 234xs crossover manual

I am hoping you can help me find a manual for a Dayton Welder.

I know several people rag on century welders but I have never had a problem with the 4 I have owned.

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The first was a 295 amp a/c with hi/lo range, used it for 15 years then sold it to buy the 230/140 a/c-d/c and am still using it with no problems at all.

<em>DAYTON</em> MODEL 3Z561C, 230 <em>AMP</em> AC <em>ARC</em> <em>WELDER</em> W. - Proxibid

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The third was a 110 volt 85 amp mig that I used for 8 years and sold it to a friend 2 years ago when I bought a 170GS mig, 220 volt with a max of 170 amps, this one has been a great welder as the other 3 have also been.


I have been welding along time and they all have welded as well as the millers and lincolns I have used at the various places I have worked in the past. Ofcourse I may get static from others on this but you always do on these things. My Dad wanted to use it and didn't want to worry about damage so he insisted on paying me for my Lincoln 100 mig welder. Hey, sorry man, I miss read your statement as Century being off brand. I have always heard that the welders built by Century for off brand names are the same quality welders that Centrury sells with there own name on it, just the name has been changed.

Dayton 100 amp arc welder manual:

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